Human Behavior in Office Layout


Selecting and considering an office layout is very important, as it influences the dynamics of the workplace and people who work. Office layout is a systematic arrangement of the workers in the work environment to greatly enhance and improvise the effectivity and efficiency of communication, directives and course of the work in either team or individual groupings. Environment as much as co-workers matters to each unique individual in the work setting. Thus, in human organization behavior –one significant and catalytic factor in setting human behavior in motivation is the environment they are exposed to and this sets as a stimuli or engaging element for them to either experience comfort or relaxed setting in a busy and preoccupied environment at the same time. The brain is efficient under considerations desired in and mostly by the individual working in the area.

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Consider the following factors in the selecting and picturing office layout to improvise or enhance the capabilities of human organization behavior.

    1. Convenience is an all-time component to consider in many aspects such as office layout. Here, it actualizes the people’s easy flow and processes, their functions. More importantly, to take note of the worker’s task and job if planning to redesign your office design.
    2. Examine the employee’s work. The tools and materials to be used frequently, the lighting, the desk, the chair, the space size. All of these factors can contribute to one dynamic flow of the worker’s efficiency and effectivity to getting things done in a particular and assigned work the employee is currently engrossed in. If a set employee is in a position which he/she is responsible for letters, invoices, reports and etc. this simple tasks may need him/her to have a computer, printer or photocopier hence, is this equipment at his/her disposal? How available is this equipment from him/her? Considering the space, does the employee need a lot of space area, is it too small or too big. Just the right size in movement and cognition is enough.
    3. Closed-area vs open-area. Here is an organizational decision to its workers. An open or closed designed work area. One study, a survey by a Teknion Corporation asserts than more or less than 77% of its companies preferred extroverted and collective work areas to be more productive than small and cubicle approach. Yet bottom line, this doesn’t apply to every company. It’s just an example to primarily study your company style and, tasks and functions each employee works on.
    4. Shared spaces. Either the meeting area where the employees can meet and do group polarization and brainstorming or both. These shared spaces can contribute to allow accessibility, communication and set specified goals to each group/ individuals in each company set. These shared spaces can be tables in an open space or in a specific meeting room.

Simply considering the office layout factor can either jeopardize or improvise people’s work in the company. Some workers are better suited to open and extroverted areas while some are closed and excels, independently. In a micro-perspective it is important to study what workers are you hiring their one driving and motivating characteristics that makes them sync and coherent. In a macro-perspective, study the organization goals and aims, what is the organization working for. The professional consultants like www.multibuild.com.au are more apt at doing such research. For instance, consider a call-center company, if the call-center company engages themselves in open areas rather than private spaces it would make a mess, consider no computer and just an open table, now is this space suited for such work and the worker hence, the company? Also there one more important point to consider while deciding the design and layout of call center and that is about the noise management. We all know at such open places noise disturbance of surrounding people can be a big dis tractor  thus Sound Masking is a technique to handle such problem. Click the link to know more about sound masking  It is important to remember that office layout is constructed and built for the people and workers of the company and the company itself, and not the other way around.

Office layout is the outline, plan, arrangement and structure of how a company’s workplace is suited for its employees. To increase efficiency and effectivity in most preferred organizational structures, either individual or group teams. Hence, the simple factors to consider why it is important since it will reflect on work settings’ (1) accessibility, (2) the workspace, (3) Closed area vs. open area and (4) shared spaces contributing the effectivity of the workers. Lastly, office layout can contribute and work as a catalyst the culture and social norms of the organization which are some factors leading to better understand and improvise on factor -work settings- in human organization behavior.


How can a house cleaning service help?


Cleaning is like an art; you have to dance around in every corner of your house to make sure every little object of your house shines like it is brand new. But when your house is clean, and someone else gives you the compliment of it being the best house that he/she has ever visited, that is one of the best feelings you ever receive.

Cleaning can be difficult for people who leave for work every day in the morning and come back in the evening tired. Hence it is important to find a proper cleaning service for your house because if your house is clean, your life will find peace. Consider an example. You come home after a busy day from a hectic schedule, and your room is a mess. Will you be able to relax? No, you will be tired, and you won’t be able to replenish your energy properly for the next day.


Adding Cleaning to your hectic schedule is a bad idea!   

Some of the young souls will say we are strong and healthy, and we can wake up early and do all the cleaning required which is very good, but think about it, if you do this every day for the rest of your life your body will eventually reach a threshold fatigue point, after which you will need to see the doctor. Instead of cleaning early in the morning, you can now go to a gym and smash those weights; it will give you a fresh feeling and will make sure you don’t worry about any other problems of life.

Make an Online search and see the magic

Coming to the topic, if you hire a good maid or a worker who belongs to a reputed house cleaning service, it will not only help you focus on your job but will also keep your mind and body healthy. Now you just need to make an online research for the best house cleaning service in your area and give them a call. They will make sure you are satisfied with their work like house cleaning Cairns if you are living close by.

It is important for a house to be clean. It keeps you away from unnecessary health risks and also makes sure that your family has a relaxed time. It keeps diseases at bay. You don’t need to rush to the clinics every other day for the treatments of cold and other viral, bacterial and parasitical diseases. You live a happy life surrounded by a clean and tidy home.


6 Types of Personalities According To the Music You Listen To



What Does The Music You Listen To Tells About Your Personality?

We all know that there are different kinds of people who listen to different types of music.  In fact, at least once we have all perceived that the music someone listens to tells a lot about to their personality. If you want to know what kind of a person someone is, just ask them about the type of music they like to listen to.  This will often reveal a lot about their personalities.  Here are six types of music, and six types of personalities which like this type of music.

evile20106. Rock

If you like to listen to rock music you all are probably a free spirit.  You like to fight to for freedom, and you value your own, as well as the opinions of others.  You do not like to be told what to do, and you always like to stand up for yourself and your rights.

5. Heavy Metal

You all are a very introspective person.  You like to spend time learning and developing in new ways.  You have a few but selected friends, and you cherish their opinions.  Also, you stand for what you believe in, and you don’t take no for an answer.  You are very determined and a headstrong person.

4. Country

If country music is the right type of music for you, then you’ll are a very traditional person.  You all are also very open, you like to make new friends, and you like to go to parties and celebrate, especially with members of your family.

3. Classical

If you like to listen to classical music, you are a very calm, cool, and collected person.  You are very patient, and you like to appreciate beauty in the world.  You are very artistic, and you like and appreciate art.  When you do not to listen to classical music, you like to go to museums and learn more about history, culture and art.


2. Pop

You are a person who has many friends.  Also, you like to make new friends wherever you go.  Sometimes people approach you, but also you approach new people.  You are always smiling, and you are very active.  You like to spend your time in nature, but you also like to go partying, and go out at night and paint the town red.  Also, you like animals, and you probably have at least one pet.


1. Techno

The moment you wake up you put your headphones on.  You cannot live without music.  Some of your friends even say you are addicted to music.  If you don’t work as a DJ, than is probably your dream to become one.  Also, you have a lot of friends who like you and want to spend time with you, but you have problems catching up – since you are always meeting your friends up in noisy night clubs.